Renowned Silhouette Artist Karl Johnson @Haute Mommies & Bella Babies Wed Dec 4th 10am-5pm

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  • October 2, 2013
  • Silhouette Pictures by silhouette artist Karl Johnson will be at Haute Mommies and Bella Babies on Wed Dec 4th 10am-5pm.  Silhouette cutting is an extremely rare art form these days but one man still practices this all but lost form of portraiture. You can be among the many happy individuals who have an original silhouette portrait expertly created by Karl Johnson. 

    Each Silhouette is cut out entirely freehand. Karl simply looks at the subject’s profile (whether in person or from a photograph) and starts cutting their exact likeness out of black paper. Every Silhouette is an original, one of a kind work of art, signed by the artist.

    Karl’s work is currently featured in Restoration Hardware Baby & Child and was on The O List in Oprah Magazine as well as over 30 other magazines! Karl also has a created silhouettes for many celebrities. Reese Withersoon, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore and more.

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