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  • April 5, 2013
  • 9 Top Tricks For Soothing Baby


    Sling ‘em. Moms everywhere agree that babies who are “worn” cry less than babies who aren’t. Babies love the closeness, the motion, and the interaction with you that wearing in a soft cloth carrier, wrap or structured carrier provide


    White noise. The womb is a fairly loud place, and babies enjoy hearing a similar level of soothing noise outside the womb. You can buy a white noise machine or just use a household fan (my baby loved the stove vent fan), vacuum cleaner, running water, hair dryer, clothes dryer… or download a white noise app to your smartphone.


    Sucking. Babies love to suck. It’s a pleasure and comfort to them. Try the winning combo of swaddling(we love the little giraffe & jannuzzi muslin swaddling blankets)/shushing (white noise) and sucking (pacifier or breast) – most babies are powerless against this trio!


    Lovely Lavender. Try a drop of calming, analgesic and soporific lavender essential oil. Mix one drop with a teaspoon of carrier oil and rub it on baby’s feet or back. Great for teething pain.


    Go al fresco. Babies love the great outdoors. It provides fresh air, a change of scenery, and many babies calm right down with a walk outside.


    Mother, calm thyself. Babies can sense a parent’s stress. It’s important to take a few deep breaths yourself and exude a quiet, calm confidence. You’re the leader of the pack and baby needs to sense that you’re comfortable being in charge.


    Breastfeed on cue. Babies nurse for many reasons other than hunger, and they are all legitimate. It is perfectly ok for a young baby to use mom as a pacifier. Frequent nursing ensures a hearty milk supply and floods baby’s – AND mom’s – body with feel good, bonding and loving hormones.


    Aqua therapy. Some babies love their bath. A warm bath, especially with a favorite soothing bubble bath, is just the ticket to distract baby from her fussing, tire her out and ready her for la-la land.


    Cuddles and Choruses. Babies need a lot of touch. Try holding baby and rocking him or her, or have Dad cuddle baby and sing. Babies love the deeper tone and vibration of Dad’s voice. 

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