Fun Baby Shower Games

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  • January 9, 2016
  • Don’t bore your guests with the same old games; here are 10 baby shower games that everyone will want to play!

    • Celebrity Mom Trivia 

    Who doesn’t love celebrities? Make a list of celebrity moms and see who can name off their kids.

    • Guess The Baby Photo

    Everyone will bring a baby photo and try to figure out who’s who. It will be fun to see who has changed the most.

    • Name The Baby Animal

    Write down a list of animals and see who can guess the terms used for their young ones. Did you know a baby kangaroo is a joey?

    • Guess The Baby Food

    Gather up a few flavored baby foods and have guests perform a taste test. The guest with the most correctly answered foods wins a prize.

    • Name That Poo

    Melt the following types of chocolate in baby diapers:

    3 Musketeers

    100 Grand Bar

    Almond Joy

    Baby Ruth


    Have guests guess what type of chocolate is in each diaper.

    • Playdough Babies

    Give each guest a small container of playdough when they walk in so that they can make a baby out of the playdough they are given.  You can give prizes out for funniest and best overall baby.

    • Diaper Messages

    Have each guest write a little message on a diaper for the mom-to-be. It will be a little easier for her to change diapers by reading a funny message from her friends each time.

    • Bodysuit Decorating

    Buy a bunch of blank one-pieces and set up a bodysuit decorating station. Have cute iron-ons and fabric markers available for decorating. This will give the mom-to-be a few extra fun one-pieces.

    • Measure Mom’s Belly

    Have guests cut pieces of yarn to a length they think corresponds to the circumference of the pregnant mommy’s belly.  The guest with the closest length wins!

    • Baby Bingo

    The same rules as classic bingo apply. Guests will cover a space on their board each time the mom-to-be opens a present containing an item on their card. Examples: nursing bra, one-pieces, hooded towel.

    Don’t forget to take pictures and send them to or tag us on Instagram. We’d love to see you having fun with these games!

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