Amazing Baby Must-Haves

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  • May 16, 2014
  • I’m sure when you walk through a baby store, you think to yourself at least once, “Do I really need this?” It seems like they have thought of everything, yet there are constantly new and amazing things on the market. There are several no-brainers, like a good, safe carseat, a stroller, and a crib, but there is so much more out there. How do you decide what you need, and what you don’t. Several of us here at the store are parents, so we are outlining a few of our favorite must-have picks.

    1. Pacifier Accessories: While this might sound ridiculous, these inventions are quite ingenious! Our Nookums attaches to most name brand pacifiers. It is a stuffed animal attached to your little angel’s pacifier, which not only makes it super cute, but also makes it easier to find, easier to catch when you throw it across the room to your significant other, and easier for baby to maneuver back into his or her mouth so that you can get some much needed shut eye. If your little one is already mobile, a pacifier clip might be more your style. We carry several styles of these clips from Mudpie and Bella Tunno. Whether you have a little cowboy, a princess, or an athlete, we have you covered! These connect the pacifier to your baby’s outfit, reducing the amount of time  mom spends looking under furniture and increasing time for snuggling.


    Nookums Animal Pacifier & Teether Holders


    2. Kickee Pants Pajamas: Babies come out sleeping from up to 16 hours a day. Obviously, they should have the softest and most comfortable pajamas on the planet, and we carry them here! This line offers lightweight, stretchy, super soft pajamas made from their very own bamboo and spandex blend with super fun colors and patterns from stripes and other geometric patterns to fun motifs like mopeds and sailboats. The lightweight feature is perfect for hot Houston weathers, and the stretch ensures that your little ones get the most wear possible out of these great garments. If that doesn’t sound good enough, they also have mittens built into the sleeves of their kimono sets, newborn gowns, and footed pajamas!


    Kickee Pants Layette


    3. Squeaky Shoes: Another brilliant invention, these shoes have many wonderful aspects. First of all, they are adorable! They have tons of great styles from sandals and penny loafers to boat shoes and boots. Secondly, babies love to make noise. They are so pleased with themselves when they make a new sound, and these shoes encourage them to take steps by making fun squeaking noises when they do. After they learn to walk, babies are into everything. The squeaks can help mom keep track of her busy baby while out in public or in the house. The skeptics out there are thinking to themselves that this squeaking sounds really annoying, but I can address that too! The squeaker can be removed from the side of the sole and can be reinserted easily should you need a break from the noise. Told you they were brilliant.


    Shoes that Squeak


    4. Chewbeads: These silicone bead necklaces are made for mom to wear and baby to chew on. Brilliant! Made from the same substance as a pacifier nipple, these super cute accessories entertain baby and help jazz up mom’s outfits. They come in neutral colors as well as vibrant shades in your favorite colors! Worried about them getting yucky from all the drool? Throw them in the dishwasher to sanitize them. How easy is that? Oh, and if necklaces aren’t your thing, they also make bracelets and adorable rattles. While it is so fun to shop for babies, remember that the mamas out there need some love, too!

    Chewbeads Teething Jewelry


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