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  • September 2, 2015
  • Bringing Baby Home Workshop
    Bringing Baby Home Workshop
    Bringing Baby Home Workshop
















    Hi! My name is Brandi Tarver and I’m a marriage counselor with Houston Bay Area Conselors in the Friendswood area. I have been trained in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and am a Certified Gottman Therapist. I am also a trainer for the Bringing Baby Home workshop, which is based off of the research of Dr. John Gottman and his associates.  He has studied thousands of couples over the past 30+ years and through his research, we now know how to help couples have really successful relationships.


    Bringing Baby Home is a workshop that is focused on helping couples strengthen their relationship before/after the arrival of their baby. Transitioning into parenthood can have a major impact on a couples’ relationship and on their baby. Research has shown that 67% of couples report being unhappy with the status of their relationship within the first 3 years after having a baby and 50% are getting divorced within 5 years.


    By taking this workshop, couples will learn how to maintain relationship satisfaction after having the baby, reduce conflict and increase affection, improve the quality of involvement for both parents, promote positive parent-baby interactions and reduce the incidence of Post Partum Depression. Attendees will receive some amazing materials that will serve as a toolkit after the workshop to help them successfully navigate their transition into parenthood.


    Someone recently said to me, “Why would someone pay $150 to attend Lamaze class and learn how to prepare for the arrival of the baby, but not spend the same amount on a workshop that would help them create a strong, loving relationship that will serve as a model for their children forever?” I couldn’t agree more. It saddens me personally to see children these days not getting to see a strong model of marriage throughout their childhood.  The majority of us didn’t have great models either, but this doesn’t have to mean that we repeat these patterns. Parents can choose to break the cycle and set their children up for success. The quality of their relationship, how they communicate with one another and how they handle conflict will impact their children’s emotional, social, and developmental wellbeing. This just reinforces why it would be so beneficial to take this workshop.


    The next workshop is being held at the University of Houston-Clear Lake on October 24-25, 2015. The cost of the workshop is $150 + $30 for the materials. To register or for more information, you’re more than welcome to email me at or call 281-480-0200. I look forward to seeing you there!


    Photo Credit – The fabulous Kathleen Weibel Photography 

    If you’re in the Bethesda Maryland area be sure to contact Kathleen now to capture those first special moments you’ll treasure forever.


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