Choosing Babies Name

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  • October 8, 2012
  • Wow, this is a biggie….what name are you going to choose for your little bundle of joy?!?!

    Do you go with a traditional family name, something a little more modern, how do you avoid your child being soandso#4 all through school?  A great resource to help you narrow down your choices is the Baby Name Wizard, a super coo,l highly intuitive tool that will provide you not only with your selected names origin but also name popularity statistical information broken down by region.  Check it out:

    Of course once you have your name selected, what better way to personalize a gift to baby than to add a monogram or embroidered name to a soon to be treasured blanket or coming home outfit?  We do offer custom monogramming at Haute Mommies and Bella Babies and would love to help you select the perfect items to add a name or monogram to :)!

    Common Baby Items to have Embroidered:

    Newborn gowns, kimono sets, towels or blankets.


    Your friends at Haute Mommies and Bella Babies