Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Family and Friends

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  • April 12, 2013
  • It’s not everyday you find out you’re expecting a baby. Sharing the news with your loved ones is special. How do you announce your pregnancy? Here are some fun ways we’ve heard.

    • Have everyone squeeze in for a photo. Only, instead of having them “say cheese”  at the pivotal moment, tell them to say “We’re pregnant!”. The bonus is that you’ll catch everyone’s reaction in the pic!


    Big Sister Pic



    • Put a picture of the ultrasound next to a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce, take a picture and post it on Facebook or send it in an email to family and friends.

    • Post a picture on Facebook with a big pink or blue ribbon tied around Mom’s belly


    • Send a card to the prospective Grandparents wishing them “Happy Grandparents Day”. This works best if it’s their first grandchild.
    • Replace the fortune in a fortune cookie with your own (remove the old one carefully with tweezers) special baby announcement.
    • For real wow factor, order custom quail egg announcements from Little Elephant Crafts (lovingly hand made here in the US.)


    Quail Egg Custom Pregnancy Announcements & Baby Shower Invitations - Crack and Reveal


    What creative ways to announce the big news do you have?  Please share below!!

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