Fingerprint Jewelry by First Impressions

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  • February 12, 2014

    “The pieces that we produce are a celebration of life. Whether worn by a new mom, by a spouse of a distant soldier, in support of a person who is battling a life threatening illness, or in memory of someone who has passed, they simply reflect the notion, “I need you to be with me – always.” Jake Fuhrman-First Impression Jewelry 


     Finger print jewelry by First Impressions is the ultimate gift for moms, dads, and loved ones. The pieces truly capture the essence of a person by imprinting their fingerprint,something that is solely unique to each individual, onto a pendent. Another option is to put an infants hand or footprint on the pendent in place of the finger print. This is an amazing way to always have your little one with you. The pendents can be put on a bracelet, necklace or attached to a charm bracelet.

    How it Works: The process of creating your one of a kind piece couldn’t be easier! To begin the process we take down a few of your fingerprints until we get the perfect one.  Next are the choices of size,metal,halo type, and bail choice. After we help you  make your choices and complete your form we send it off for you. Also, each piece can be engraved for free!

    Sizes: 11mm,14mm,17mm

    Metal: White gold, Yellow Gold, Silver

    Halos: Circle, Square, Triangle

    Bail: Plain, Single Birthstone, 5 diamond

     The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion: 

    The new Mom

    The new Dad



    For Christmas

    For Mothers Day

    For First Communion

    For Valentines Day

    For those who serve our Country away from their loved one

    As a reminder of love shared

    As a lasting memorial

    And Beyond….


    For quotes and additional details you can call the store at  281-942-3272





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