Foods You (surprisingly) Didn’t Crave During Pregnancy

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  • December 20, 2013
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    During a pregnancy food cravings are a given, but we asked our Facebook followers which foods they just couldn’t stand to eat! Eggs, bacon and mexican food seemed to be very unpopular! Here are some of the responses below:

    Jenny Perzentka “Eggs. I couldn’t eat them, cook them, or even be in the room when someone was doing either of those. It was soo bad during my first 3 pregnancies that as soon as I smelled an egg and felt a tad uneasy I knew I was pregnant with my 4th”

    Heather Marshall “Any pasta dishes, I banned us from all Italian restaurants.”

    Andrea Pulido “Bacoooon! Just the smell of it at work would make me throw up the first five months!”

    Lisa Griffith “For the first trimester I couldn’t stand the smell of bacon! It was horrible!”

    Alicia Limas Yokubaitis “I loved ALL foods. Lol”

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