Baby Gift Registry in store and on-line

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  • October 10, 2012
  • Did you know  you can register at Haute Mommies and Bella Babies…we even have a scan gun like the big guys for in store registry and you can also register on-line (if you register on-line or in-store we’ll update the other for you so your guests can shop either.)

    Some of the benefits of registering with us:

    • 10% completion discount (save 10% on anything on your registry that you don’t receive but have to have  ;)!)
    • We’ll help you through the whole process, have questions, we’ve all had loads of experience with little ones and we’ve got answers :)!  Did you know that two of our staffers are actually trained nurses…who happen to find helping you all a little more fun than nursing :)!
    • We gift wrap all your guests gifts in our silver paper and everything always goes in a gift bag at no charge.
    • We have registry enclosure cards to let your guests know where you’re registered.
    • You can register for clothing with us :)!  Did you know that most big box stores won’t let  you register for clothing…well you absolutely can with us :)!
    • You can be assured that everything at our store is top quality.  Did you know that our crib line Bratt Decor has never had a crib recall?!

    These are just a few of the reasons to register with us.   We have a few thousand other reason….just come on in and check them out or visit our website at


    Your friends at Haute Mommies and Bella Babies



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