Happy Fall Y’All – The Mosquitoes are out of control!!

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  • September 17, 2018
  • Well, it’s Fall here in Houston again….which means a slight dip in temperatures, an increased risk of tropical storms, and LOTS and LOTS of mosquitoes.  Even with local municipalities spraying on a near to daily basis local folks are dealing with swarms of these little blood suckers!

    So what are we to do?!?!

    What we can all do help minimize the population:

    Reduce mosquito-breeding sites at your home:

    • Drain all standing water.
    • Turn over all containers which could hold water.
    • Repair or prevent outdoor leaks.
    • Keep gutters and drains clean.
    • Do not allow lawn clipping to enter the storm sewers.
    • Lawn clippings should be swept up and bagged for disposal.
    • Pick up trash around the yard such as weekly newspapers and other litter.
    • Tall plants and bushes should be trimmed (these serve as homes for adult mosquitoes.)
    • Considering incorporating mosquito repellent plants in  your garden (Lemongrass, Lavender, Marigolds, Citronella, Catnip, Rosemary, Basil, Geraniums)

    Protect yourself:

    • When going outside, use an insect repellent*.
    • Wear long sleeves and long pants when outside.
    • Make sure that mosquitoes cannot enter your home through gaps in doors, window, vents, floor cracks, etc.
    • If mosquitoes are found inside the house, swat them or use a flying insect spray to kill them.

    They Gotcha:

    And….aye, yi, yi once you’ve been bit, no doubt, the scratching and swelling can be unbearable for some!!  Since having kiddo’s, I started to traveling with a small credit card sized first aid kit with a few bandaids, antiseptic wipes, and sting relief wipes.  I’ve found the sting relief wipes do seem to help minimize the amount of swelling and itching.  You can purchase these at just about any local pharmacy or order on-line.  Recently, I stumbled upon a game changer, topical Benadryl gel and cream….these gems will help minimize the overall reaction and reduce pain and itching!  This is another product that can be purchased at just about any local pharmacy!!  Please note the FDA has warned of potential harmful side-effects associated with ingestion of this product so please be sure to consider this when applying to children!

    Topical Benadryl in a travel stick, game changer!!



    Local resources

    If your local municipality is not spraying as frequently as may be needed you can always call and make a request.  Below is a list of a few local resources:

    • Harris County Mosquito Control: (713) 440-4800
    • Galveston County Mosquito Control:  (800)-842-5622
    • Brazoria County Mosquito Control: (979) 864-1532
    • Fort Bend County Mosquito Control:  (281) 342-4513
    • Montgomery County Mosquito Control: 311
    • Liberty County Mosquito Control (912) 884-2065
    • Chambers County Mosquito Control (409) 267-2720

    Mosquito Control tries to spray at off hours to minimize the risk to people and pets, it’s always best to remain indoors when trucks or planes are spraying.

    If you live in Galveston County, this page is very helpful, it provides information on spray schedules.



    Good luck to you and may you continue to avoid the tiny vampire bugs!

    Your Friends at HMandBB


    *stay tuned, we’ll be posting about the various types of insect repellent very soon!


    Harris County encompasses:

    Galveston County includes:

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