How To Capture Life Changing Memories Before Baby Arrives

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  • November 10, 2015

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    Ever tried to articulate a feeling or moment to someone who’s never experienced it? Photography fills that language gap. Great photography allows the viewer to live vicariously through the moment captured. Complimented with my passion and first-hand experience as a mother my goal is to capture the essence of motherhood at its most beautiful time.

    Nothing is more regretful than undocumented memories. Your most sacred space is being shared with a beautiful being. During your 9 months, moments of discomfort, emotion, and spontaneous movement will strengthen the bond you have to your child. Unusual cravings, and standing in the mirror watching your stomach grow day by day will all be fleeting memories. Once your love arrives there will be sleepless nights, constant diaper changes, and it’s all about baby. In the midst of it all, there is nothing like photographs as a reminder of the life changing experience you shared while pregnant.

    I myself did not take maternity pictures. I regret not having photos to share with my daughter.  I remember while pregnant, my mom mentioned I looked cute, grabbed her camera and snapped a quick candid.  That is the only picture I know of, and that photo is lost in the hundreds of family photos taken over the years. My heart breaks a little every time I think about not capturing that once in a lifetime moment.

    I started taking pictures of pregnant women to give the gift of capturing memories that I regretfully didn’t have. I also, want you to feel beautiful while you experience pregnancy. As your body changes, it’s easy to question everything about your appearance. Having a professional photographer, hairstylist and makeup artist cater to you will definitely lift your spirits! I find every woman and child unique, and I use my art of photography to bring out the essence of your womanhood and the love you share with your unborn child.

    I would love to collaborate with you and create a masterpiece to frame over your mantle, place on your nightstand, or hang in your hallway. So when someone asks you to articulate your experience of carrying your child, you can let the beautiful images we create together speak for you.

    Call me at 832-732-2683 for a free consultation or any questions you may have. I would love to hear from you.

    xoxo, Somer


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