How to size maternity clothes

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  • October 5, 2012
  • Okay so you’re pregnant….wahoo…congratulations!!  Maybe you’re just starting to outgrown your favorite pants and go to tops and are starting to think about picking up those first few maternity items…a scary and yet exciting prospect.  It can be a little intimidating walking into a maternity shop for the first time.  I remember thinking to myself, oh my gosh are they going to think I’m not pregnant enough to start wearing maternity, have I put on too much weight?   I also was unsure about what size to pick up.  I really had no idea what I was getting into so I’m here to share with you everything I’ve learned both through my pregnancy and owning a maternity and baby boutique!!

    Maternity Sizing:

    Maternity sizes run XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL with some designer jeans in and pants in waist sizes.  The mantra for sizing maternity clothes is to go with the size you wore pre-pregnancy.  If you were a small pre-pregnancy you would be a small in maternity.  For the most part this is pretty accurate wisdom to keep in mind when looking for clothing to accommodate your growing bump.  Some designers tend to run a little small…don’t worry it’s not you.  For the most part the ladies at the shop you’re looking at should be able to give you guidance on how the lines run and help you find the right size and look.

    Is a maternity wardrobe really worthwhile if you’ll only wear it for a few months?

    I remember struggling with how worthwhile it was to invest much in a maternity wardrobe with my first pregnancy.  I found that there are plenty of things about pregnancy that aren’t so fun and being unhappy with my wardrobe was definitely not helping matters.  I was working at the time and I wore a lot of maternity clothes from the big box stores/big chain stores and I’ll be honest, I hated them.  The quality was such that a wash or two and the pieces would be falling apart not to mention they just didn’t look like me, I’m by no means avante gaurd in my fashion tastes but I do prefer to stay away from the frumpy looking stuff and this seemed to be all I could find at these stores.  Often times I found that not only did the clothes look pretty bad and launder terribly they were also really uncomfortable.    Fastforward to my second pregnancy, still working, still super active and this time I decided to invest in a full wardrobe of clothes I liked.  Yes, it was a little expensive but, I also found you get what you pay for.  Many of the items I purchased during my second pregnancy are still in my closet today and I wear them often they’re super cute, very comfortable and they made me feel like myself, they washed well and wore extremely well and most of them were made here in the United States which made me feel pretty good.   No I’m not crazy for wearing my maternity post pregnancy as a matter of face many maternity items these days are designed to be transition.  Advances in fabrics have made the during and after maternity wear possible.  What is during and after/transitional wear you ask? clothing options that can be warn during the pregnancy and after the pregnancy many of which incorporate nursing options and are so adorable you’ll want to wear them after (many also include figure flattering features like ruching that hide our little lumpy bits during the transition phase between maternity wear and our skinny jeans :)!)  For you first time moms, not sure if they’ve told you yet but unless you’re one of the uber lucky ladies chances are you’re going to be leaving the hospital between 10-15 pounds lighter then when you checked in (the average weight gain = 30lbs so yeah, our bodies don’t tend to bounce right back into our super svelte pre-pregnancy sizes.)  So flattering transitional wear can be your best friend during your pregnancy and after.

    A few things to watch when you’re shopping for maternity:  if you try on a pair of maternity jeans or pants and they are outrageously long…run…run…far and run fast, these are regular jeans that have been hacked up and had a panel sewn on.  This might not seem like an issue early on in pregnancy but trust me towards the end of your pregnancy if they still fit they most likely will not be comfortable.  Some of the companies that make true maternity jeans:  Olian, Ellie B (by Olian), Citizens of Humanity, Maternal America, Lilac (all of these brands are made in the US :)!  A certain higher end chain is notorious for taking regular pants and high end designer jeans and “turning them into maternity….you’ve been warned.”   Nursing Bras, it generally takes a couple of weeks after babies born for your body to regulate milk production, I always encourage ladies not to run out right after babies born to pick out a sized nursing bra because things are likely going to be changing.  A great option for those first few weeks post delivery is a nursing sports bra, nursing sleep bra or a coobie bra.

    Cute tunic tops and leggings are a pregnant ladies best friends as are dresses!!

    Once again congratulations on your impending new addition.  If you have any questions you can reach us at the store.



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