If babies could talk…

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  • January 30, 2013
  • Even though her facial expressions are pretty telling, I would love to know what my 4 month old is thinking. I might have a pretty good idea though…

    “Wait, let me guess…formula for dinner again?”

    “I keep sucking but nothing is coming out of this thing! You can’t fool me with a pacifier!”

    “Seriously Mommy, enough with the singing.”

    “Maybe I would smile if you didn’t take 45,000 pictures a day.”

    “If you were strapped into this carseat, you’d be crying too!”

    “Is the bow really necessary? We’re only going to the grocery store.”

    “This toy definitely doesn’t taste as good as it looks.”

    “Nothing tastes as good as my fingers!”

    “I cry, and someone picks me up. Good to know…”

    “Stop tickling me, I don’t do that to you!”

    “Excuse me, your head is like the size of my body. I’d appreciate it if you’d keep it out of my face!”

    “Stop making me laugh, you’re gonna make me wet myself. Oh wait…”

    “Nope, not smiling at you. That’s just gas. 🙂 “

    “Hello?? I know you can hear me crying! Go ahead, finish that conversation though. I’ll just get louder.”

    What would your baby say if he/she could talk? Tell us in the comment section!



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