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  • January 8, 2014
  • The Art of the Extraordinary Baby Shower Cake

    Let’s admit it ladies, we’ve all done it, we arrive at a baby shower, say our hellos, gush over the expectant mother and then we sneak off for our first peek at the cake.  A small crowd gathers around the cake, we Ow and Ah, we point out the details, we giggle like school girls, we imagine the taste and speculate on the filling and then we start talking bakers, inevitably, someone asks “who did this cake?”  Similar to a wedding cake, baby shower cakes have become the centerpiece of the event, displayed front and center for guest to marvel over during the event and ultimately become the last thing guests consume as the party winds down, literally leaving a good or bad taste in their mouth.

    Whether honoring a first child or a fifth child, a baby shower is a time to celebrate and what better way to celebrate then with a decadent cake that mom-to-be and guests will both enjoy and always remember.  We’re here to give you some pointers on finding the perfect cake to honor you or your loved ones impending bundle of joy – without ending up on cake wrecks.

    There are so many options when it comes to cake design.  We looked to the folks at Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, who are without a doubt the best in the business….I mean come on, this is the guy the Food Network deemed “The Sweet Genius”, for some advice about selecting a cake for a baby shower and this is what they came back to us with (almost makes me want to have another little one…..almost!)  A baby shower cake can:

    -Reflect something sentimental to mom or dad-to-be

    -Be a chic reflection of mom-to-be’s style


    -Incorporate the chosen nursery theme


    -Bring to life a favorite nursery rhyme or character


    -Be over the top, wild or daring




    -Communicate the chosen baby name




     Or just be plain fun!



    Another popular trend is to use the color of the inside of the cake itself to reveal the baby’s gender to guests and sometimes even the expectant parents themselves!

    If you happen to live in NYC or on the East Coast you are in luck, Ron Ben-Isreal Cakes can delivery to you!  For the rest of us, a cake by “The Sweet Genius” is a little harder to come by because of the logistical challenges (but not completely out of the realm of possibility so if you have your heart set on a Ron Ben-Isreal Cake just contact them to discuss http://www.weddingcakes.com/#/get-in-touch/)


    Peace, Love & Cake

    Your friends at Haute Mommies and Bella Babies


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