Let’s Talk About Everyone’s Favorite….Stretch Marks

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  • January 13, 2014
  • It’s something every pregnant woman dreads at some point or another…stretch marks. I guess some lucky ladies have the good genes and just never get them..but let’s be real here. According to studies, around 90% of women get stretch marks at some point during their pregnancy. I mean they’re just mommy battle scars right? 😉 The key is to be proactive, hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE and don’t assume you’re not going to get them, most stretch marks appear around month 6 or 7! So, while we don’t have a miracle cure for stretch marks(we wish), we do have a couple of products that can help in the reduction and prevention of them.  To purchase the Noodle and Boo products listed below visit our website or come see us in the store! 🙂


    -A sophisticated peptide compound helps to prevent and reduce stretch marks.
    -Ultra-rich cocoa butter and avocado oil leave skin delightfully soft and smooth.
    -Consistency is very light, goes on smoothly and dries quickly.
    -100% safe for use during pregnancy; clinically-tested for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic.
    -Promotes the synthesis of collagen

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      -Enhances skin’s elasticity.
      -Eliminates itchy belly.
      -Sunflower and jojoba seed oil relieve dry and itchy skin
      -Calendula calms and soothes
      -Grape seed oil and vitamin E regenerate skin

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