New Arrivals: Kickee Pants

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  • January 8, 2014
  • Blooming flowers, breezy days and new kickee pants prints, all characteristics of the upcoming spring season! While springs not quite here yet, you’re probably dying to get a look at the new Kickee Pants spring prints right? We thought so. From sailboats for your dashing little man to blossoming flowers for your darling little lady, there’s sure to be a print you’ll love. ¬†We’ve listed just a few below…

    -Natural Peony

    10882 10834


    -Lotus Dot


    10840 10875

    -Flamingo Moped

    10903 10878

    -Natural Sailboat

    10850 0897

    -Moss Airplane

    10900 10914

    For the Kickee Pants items listed above, plus even more, be sure to visit our website or come see us in the store!

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