Parenting Advice from Ten Year Olds

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  • January 28, 2013
  • From the mouths of babes: Parenting advice from ten year olds…..

    You should give them want they want, but only half of the time. -Dina

    Give them dessert every night if they’re good. -Sammy

    Be understanding when he/she is high maintenance. -Carlie

    When you tuck her in at night, make sure she is happy before you leave the room. -Bailey

    Give your daughter a really pretty room. -Olivia

    Only let the dad hold the baby sometimes, the mom should hold it the most. -Rebecca

    Give your baby a short name. -Mia

    Be patient (if you don’t have patience, I suggest you find some). -Jilly

    Keep a smile on your face, it makes your kids feel safe and sound. -Laine

    When she is crying, hug her until she forgets why she was sad. -Sara

    Don’t yell too much. -Ryker

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