Picture Perfect Featuring Aimee Fuller Photography

  • Claire Alford
  • October 16, 2013
  • Picture Perfect Photography

    Finding the perfect outfit for your child’s portraits whether it be newborn or cake smashing can be stressful. There are so many options out there and it can get overwhelming. We’ve got everything in one place to make your task a little simpler. From pink cake headbands to baby bow ties! Check out the pictures below from the wildly talented local photographer Aimee Fuller for some inspiration, then keep scrolling to look at some of the goodies we have in the store!AimeeFuleer6 Aimeefuller5 Aimee Fuller3 Aimee Fuller2 Aimee Fuller

    Below are just a few of the awesome items we have that would be perfect for portraits. We’ve got bloomers, bow ties and birthday cake headbands!

    Jannuzzi Polka Dot Bloomers
    Jannuzzi 1st Birthday Cupcake Tee
    Rugged Butts Black with Polka Dots with Tie
    Rugged Butts Preppy Boy Tie
    :una :una Copenhagen Petal Adeline 2pcs
    Jannuzzi “1” Baseball Cupcake Birthday Tee
    Jannuzzi Scroll Chandelier Tutu Tank
    Posh International Purple Crochet Flower Hat
    Chiffon Party Hat Clip
    Prince Seersucker Birthday Hat
    Pink Felt Cake Headband
    Pixie Lilly Blue Batiste Bubble
    Pink Batiste Bubble


    Be sure to check out Aimee Fuller’s website to book your appointment!

    Also, check out our other website, hmandbb.com to purchase all of the adorable pieces above!

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