Pregnancy cravings: Pickles, Ice Cream and Chicken Nuggets Dipped in Chocolate….?

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  • October 16, 2013
  • We asked our Facebook followers what their craziest pregnancy cravings were and we boy did we get some crazy responses! Here are a few highlights…….

    “Drinking A-1 Steak sauce straight out of the bottle!”  Sharon Liguez Jolly

    “Fried cheese sticks dipped in hot fudge Sundaes”  MacKaela Mitchell-Crumpley

    “Green apples dipped in guacamole” Kristy Lopez

    “CORN!!! I actually ordered it one day at Cracker Barrel when the waitress asked if I would like dessert…lol” Teia Davis

    “Not weird but DEF told me it was a boy: steak & sweet tea!!” Tamara Damron
    “Chicken nuggets dipped in chocolate or french fries dipped in caramel sauce” Brittani Rose Vanarsdale
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