Sweet Summertime

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  • May 24, 2014
  • The start of summer is right around the corner. Memorial Day is here, and I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to hit the pool. Granted, hitting the pool with a little one in tow is a lot more work than it has been in summers past, but it is worth the extra time and effort. There are definitely some things to think about before you dive in. Let’s start packing!

    1. Sunscreen: Remember that your little ones have sensitive skin, and you need to put sunscreen on them frequently when outside, especially when they are swimming. There are so many great options these days from lotions to sprays, so lather it on, and don’t forget those itty-bitty noses and ears!

    2. Swim suits: Here, we can help you out! We have some trendy trunks for boys, and some super-cute suits for girls! We carry several styles and colors to make sure that you have the cutest babe on the beach!


    Hatley Whale
    Check out these super cute swim trunks from Hatley!


    Also, we didn’t forget about you mamas! We have some super cute maternity suits so that you can show off those baby bumps; one-pieces, two pieces, solids, and stripes! Don’t forget to spoil yourself a little this summer. You deserve it! Check out this awesome (and might I add, perfect for Memorial Day and Independence Day) suit from Maternal America that we just got in! It definitely won’t last long.


    This is so cute and perfect for all those summer pool parties and BBQ get-togethers!
    This is so perfect for all those summer pool parties and BBQ get-togethers!

    3. Shades: Just like their skin, babies’ eyes are sensitive too. Make sure you protect their eyes from the harsh summer sun… or just get some of those sweet baby aviators because they are the perfect accessory for that really cute outfit you just bought!

    4. Hats: Cute and functional, summer hats help to protect those sweet scalps from sunburn and are often a perfect compliment to their summer duds! We have several styles and colors to choose from for your littlest boys and girls. Check out this adorable set from Le Top and see what I mean: SO ADORABLE!

    125273 125279

    5. Sandals: Now that the heat has set in, ditch the socks and let the toes show! Sandals are a must-have for summers (and maybe even year-round for some of us) in Texas. Another plus side to sandals is that you can usually get a little extra wear out of them, since the toe is not closed in. We have super cute styles for the little divas out there and some great casual styles for our little guys. Our sandals are equipped with squeakers that can help you keep tabs on your little explorers, but can also be removed in seconds if you need some quiet time (or something close enough to quiet time).


    boy shoe ivRuffle


    Make sure you are prepared with all of the other essentials too: towels, floats, bug spray, toys (pretty much everything but the kitchen sink)! Getting out with your little one might seem like a hassle at times, but it is so worth it. Get out there and make some great memories this summer — oh, and don’t forget the camera!


    Here are a few pictures of my munchkin in his Mayoral swim suit that I scooped up last summer from the store while I was pregnant. Make sure to share pictures of your #bellababystyle as your kiddos sport their summer duds that you picked up in the store with us on Instagram or at kristin@hmandbb.com. We would love to see them!


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