What “They” Don’t Tell You

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  • January 14, 2013
  • When pregnancy is portrayed in the movies, it is glorified as the best time in a woman’s life. A newborn? Piece of cake- according to Hollywood directors! You can read every book out there, but there is vaulable (albeit, less appealing) information that “they” don’t tell you. Well, ready or not- we’re telling you the nitty gritty! This is not meant to scare you, but rather to serve as a heads up! So here are the top ten things “they” don’t tell you.

    1. Sometimes getting pregnant is easier than you think. If you’re ready to “start trying,” you better make sure you are ready to conceive. What “they” don’t tell you is that you may be more fertile than you thought! Feel blessed!
    2. On the flip side, getting pregnant may be harder than you thought. You are not alone. It’s a miracle what modern medicine can do. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get pregnant right away. What “they” don’t tell you is that you may need some sort of medical intervention to help the process, and that’s totally normal.
    3. Along with a bigger belly, swollen feet, crazy food aversions and cravings, you may experience heartburn. I know what you’re thinking…”Oh, I’ve had heartburn before, that’s not a big deal.” Let me tell you, hell hath no fury like the heartburn that happens when you’re pregnant. What “they” don’t tell you is that chances are, you’ll be eating Tums like candy and going through a Family Value Size of antacids on a weekly basis. Don’t worry, it disappears as soon as the baby is out. Phew!
    4. Labor is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Plain and simple. Get the epidural or not, it’s up to you…but be prepared for inexplicable pain. What “they” don’t tell you is that once your water breaks, the flood gates (hehehe) of pain are opened. Godspeed and good luck. Oh, and you better let go of any modesty you’ve been holding on to. However, to say it’s worth it is the understatement of the century! You’ll forget the pain the second they place that baby in your arms.
    5. While in the hospital, it may seem as though you’ll be able to get plenty of rest and help. What “they” don’t tell you is that someone will be in your room every five minutes checking your vitals or checking on the baby and that you’ll be receiving a bill from anyone who enters your hospital room. At least they all have you and your baby’s health in their best interest!
    6. Expecting to leave the hospital in your pre-pregnancy body? Think again. What “they” don’t tell you is that most women leave the hospital still looking about six months pregnant. Good news is a lot of that water weight will fall off over the course of the next few weeks. But be patient, it took nine months to gain all that weight, give yourself nine months to lose it.
    7. Once you’ve left the hospital, you’re on your own. Sure, the nursery is set up, clothes washed, diapers stacked…but what “they” don’t tell you is that those first few nights are terrifying. And just as soon as you get the hang of it, things will change and you’ll have that scary, diving head first into the unknown feeling, but it will soon pass. And probably come back at a later point again. It’s all part of the journey!
    8. If you’ve made the choice to breastfeed, you may have a long road ahead of you. What “they” don’t tell you is that it may take a few days (or weeks) for you and baby to get the hang of it. Don’t give up, it is both a beautiful and rewarding experience.
    9. Each baby is different. If this is your first, second, or fifth- you will have a totally different experience than the last. What “they” don’t tell you is that just because it isn’t your first, doesn’t mean you’ll know what to do in every situation. Adapt and appreciate the differences!
    10. Lastly, be prepared to fall in love like you’ve never felt before. Sure, the love between a child and their parent is no secret, but you have no idea how strong that feeling is until you look into your little one’s eyes. What “they” don’t tell you is the amount of love you’ll feel is so incredibly overwhelming it’ll be hard to imagine ever sharing that love with another child. Don’t worry- you’ll manage. 🙂

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