Why fit in when you were born to stand out? -Dr. Seuss

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  • January 31, 2013
  • It’s not a secret that women as a whole are more self conscious than men. From an early age, we become aware of how our body measures up to other women. You can blame television, models, magazines, but it’s pretty unavoidable. And almost as if some twisted joke the universe plays on us, when a woman is pregnant her body changes before her eyes and there’s not a whole lot she can do about it. The way your body handles pregnancy varies greatly from one woman to the next. Some women show immediately and are forced to tell the world they’re pregnant before they are ready to because there’s no hiding it. Some women go almost the entire pregnancy barely having to purchase any maternity clothes. The way your body reacts is totally up to fate. Even the healthiest, most in-shape woman may be battling swollen hands, feet, ¬†and *gasp* cankles!

    So how do you handle being pregnant? Hormones raging, cravings out of control, milkshakes calling your name paired with a strong desire to be society’s definition of a “cute pregnant woman” make it difficult.

    What can you do???

    You’ve heard that no two snowflakes are alike? The same goes for pregnant women! As hard as it may be, you absolutely, positively must stop measuring yourself against other pregnant women. You might as well be trying to match up your DNA. The most important thing is that you have a healthy baby, even if it means giving up that tiny waistline you’ve worked so hard to achieve. You can always lose the weight, but your baby’s health lasts forever. Take care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise to the extent that your doctor advises, and get plenty of rest. If you’re really having a hard time with the weight gain, stand the opposite way for weigh-ins at the doctor. They’ll tell you if there’s a problem with your weight gain, there’s no need to be fixated on the number the scale shows you. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. To add to that, don’t look at sizes when shopping, just go with what feels right.

    Embrace your new body. Think of it this way- it isn’t just yours anymore, you’re sharing it with a tiny life growing inside of you.

    Oh, and you should probably turn the channel when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is on TV…..just sayin’

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