Fun Foods – Yogurt Melts

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  • May 29, 2014
  • I’m sure you have all seen the Prpackaged freeze dried yogurt melts at your grocery store. They are these amazing little dots of yogurt that melt in your baby’s mouth and are, for the most part, a snack that is not very messy! They are great for the diaper bag, but at almost three bucks a bag, I have to ration those and use them only for times away from home.

    I took to Pinterest a couple weeks ago and realized that I can make a frozen version of these to keep for snacking at home. Now this is a pretty fun activity and requires absolutely no skill! All you need is yogurt, wax paper, a cookie sheet, a plastic sandwich bag, and a pair of scissors.

    The most fun part of this is picking yogurt flavors. There is everything from plain Jane vainlla to strawberry rhubarb in the dairy section. I find that it’s fun to buy a variety and try them all. I like the premixed yogurts for this project, but you can get the kind with the fruit on the bottom (it just might block your opening when forming your melts).

    Take your yogurt and spoon it into your sandwich bag. Line your cookie sheet with wax paper. Cut a small corner from your sandwich bag, and make dots of yogurt on the wax paper until you run out. Next, pop the cookie sheet in the freezer for an hour or so. If they are hardened, pop them off the wax paper into a container and store them in the freezer.

    These are awesome for several reasons. First, the cold seems to help my son deal with his teething discomfort. Secondly, I think they taste awesome, especially when you use cafe latte yogurt! Thirdly, they are really a pretty clean snack. Keep in mind that they do melt after a while, so you have to put them back in the freezer after a few minutes. Finally, for about a dollar, you can make more than come in one of the Gerber pouches. Oh, and if that isn’t good enough, clean-up is as fast as throwing away a piece of wax paper! If you are looking for some more things to do in the kitchen with your little ones, we have a book for that!


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