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  • September 30, 2015
  • Welcome to Houston Fertility Specialists

    Houston Fertility Specialists
    Houston Fertility Specialists

    Here is a little bit about us:

    At Houston Fertility Specialists, our practice is centered around you.  Whether you are exploring your fertility options for the first time or seeking a second opinion, we welcome you to our family.
    As one of the longest-running infertility practices in the United States, we have a wealth of experience in helping people just like you.  At HFS, we understand what a difficult and personal journey it can be to struggle with infertility.  But with over 6,000 babies and counting, we have a proven strategy that works – and it can work for you.
    Come in for a visit at one of our four office locations, and let us show you how tailoring diagnostic tests and treatments to your particular needs can give you the best chance for a healthy baby.
    Houston Fertility Specialists
    Houston Fertility Specialists
    Our Doctors:
    George M. Grunert, MD (Fannin)
    Randall C. Dunn, MD (Fannin, Sugar Land)
    Rakesh K. Mangal, MD (Fannin)
    Leah Schenk, MD (Fannin, Clear Lake)
    Subodh Chauhan, MD (Fannin, Sugar Land)
    Erik C. Mazur, MD MS (Fannin, Kingwood)
    Ertug Kovanci, MD (Fannin)
    Alfred Wun, PhD, HLCD (Lab Director at Fannin)
    Irena Milentijevic (Licensed Psychologist at Fannin)
    Our Services:
    Fertility Consultation
    Fertility Testing for Women
    Fertility Testing for Men
    Reproductive Genetics
    Ovulation Induction and Insemination
    Donors and Gestational Carriers
    Egg Freezing
    Counseling and Support Groups
    Please visit to view information on all of our services.
    Our Houston-area Locations:
    Fannin/Medical Center (7900 Fannin Street, Suite 4400, Houston, TX 77054) 713-512-7900
    Clear Lake (251 Medical Center Blvd., Suite 230, Webster, TX 77598) 713-578-3880
    Sugar Land (7616 Branford Place, Suite 310, Sugar Land, TX 77479) 832-553-5483
    Kingwood (1330 Kingwood Dr., Kingwood, TX 77339) 713-512-7900
    At Houston Fertility Specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering the absolute best care at the lowest possible price.  We offer a comprehensive set of infertility related diagnostic tests and treatments through which we can provide the best chance for a healthy, successful pregnancy.  There is no “standard panel” of tests or course of treatments for our patients.  Instead, we will tailor a process of diagnostic tools and treatments to your particular situation and needs.  Feel free to explore the services we provide and talk to one of our doctors about a strategy that is right for you.We look forward to meeting you soon.

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